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What Do You Do When Your Competitors Have The Same Voice As You

by Nicholas Chen, November 18, 2019

When we pitch for new businesses, something that clients always bring up is how they can stand out from the crowd.  If you think of the ads or social media feeds of these industries, you’ll realise that a lot of the content is quite indistinguishable from brand to brand besides the colours and logos. Everyone […]

Page Likes Are A Horrible KPI For Social Media

by Nicholas Chen, June 22, 2018

Page likes are bad KPIs Measuring success on social media can be complex and difficult. With so many metrics available to us besides page likes, finding the right one to suit our goals can be a challenge. A common issue or question we get from clients is why we don’t include fan growth in our […]

Budget Solutions For Adapting Content On Social Media

by Nicholas Chen, March 07, 2018

If you’ve read some of our previous articles on producing content, then you’ve probably heard of our tree branch concept. If you haven’t, it’s simply the concept of adapting content by producing 1 piece of content and breaking or adapting it to bits and pieces on different platforms to get the most value for your […]

Why A Content Strategy Should Come Before Social Media

by Nicholas Chen, January 11, 2018

Content Before Social Media So you just opened a new restaurant or started a new brand and you can’t wait to share it with the world! You start up your page and put out photos of all your amazing products everyday, and the fans start pouring in. But soon you realise that all the photos […]

4 Things You Need To Know About Brand Storytelling In Content Marketing

by Nicholas Chen, November 28, 2017

Brand Storytelling In Content Marketing One of the most common mistakes and missed opportunities for brands practicing content marketing is a lack of brand storytelling. Brand Storytelling is all about letting the public know what your company is about, and what it stands for. For many marketers, the sentiment is similar: “But this content has […]

7 Social Media Strategies & Tactics For The Holiday Season

by Nicholas Chen, November 14, 2017

Holiday Social Media Tips and Strategies Tis the season to be jolly! Or if you’re a marketer, very, very stressed out by those sky high holiday KPIs! The holiday season is an extremely competitive time for brands, with presents and holiday programmes seemingly giving consumers endless opportunities to spend. But for some reason, you’re still […]

Your Essential Tools To Nail Visual Marketing

by Ting Fang Poh, September 27, 2017

Visual marketing is undoubtedly every marketer’s best bet to capture your audience’s attention. Check out this ultimate list of tools for creating captivating visuals for your marketing campaign.

Why Does Content Marketing Not Drive Sales Immediately?

by Ting Fang Poh, September 06, 2017

Crafting and creating content has become an integral part of many companies’ marketing strategies. But many marketers are doubtful that it’ll actually improve their sales. Find out why content marketing does not drive sales immediately.

9 Key Tips To Ace Your Email Marketing

by Ting Fang Poh, August 10, 2017

Instagram, Twitter and Facebook may be spearheading the face of new media era, but the conventional email still trumps when it comes to helping businesses generate new leads and increase sales. Check out these 9 tips to improve your email marketing strategy.

Ultimate Guide To Digital Marketing In F&B Industry

by Ting Fang Poh, August 01, 2017

If you are from the F&B industry, you might already understand the increasingly competitive landscape. But keeping abreast of the latest food trends and devising a strategic digital strategy can be helpful in creating a competitive advantage for your business.