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How AI Chatbots are Changing the UX Game on Websites

by Nicholas Chen, March 20, 2020

It’s time to delve deep into how Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbots are changing the game.  Think about everyday services, like online banking or day-to-day communications between your brand and your customers, and how much we rely on websites for them!  When customers have questions about your product, the old school formats of sending in enquiries […]

Don’t Waste Your YouTube Ad Dollars By Overlooking This!

by Nicholas Chen, March 13, 2020

So you’ve got quality content that’s ready to be uploaded on YouTube, but will it get the clicks and views you’re hoping for?  YouTube might not be the search engine, but it’s the second biggest. You can bet that the competition is fierce, and having just good content isn’t enough anymore.  It has to be crafted for Search […]

Taking Your IG Stories To The Next Level

by Nicholas Chen, March 03, 2020

I’m sure most of you have witnessed a new trend of Instagram filters going around, with even celebrities joining in the fun!  These filters make use of augmented reality (AR) tech and can be created for a range of topics, from pop culture quizzes to 2020 predictions and interactive games! “Which Avengers character are you?” Some filters are also […]

“Witty & Timely Brand Responses Are Soooo Boring”…Said No One Ever!

by Nicholas Chen, February 25, 2020

When it comes to creating timely ads, you can always count on Burger King to deliver.  But besides the timely factor, it helps that they are so in tune with the local culture! Case in point: we all know the pesky, sometimes mildly annoying questions that we get asked from time to time during CNY. […]

A Look Back On 2019 & A Quick Peek Into 2020

by Nicholas Chen, February 19, 2020

As we cruise on into 2020, I thought it would also be good to look back on our 2019 milestones. It was an exciting and eventful year for us here at Clickr Media, here’s what we were up to: 🎨 Strengthened Our Creative Approach  In the years since Clickr Media was born, the needs of […]

Stay Innovative, or Disappear in This Disruptive Age

by Nicholas Chen, February 06, 2020

Taking an age-old brand and creating a modern identity that resonates with today’s customers can seem daunting.  However, for your brand to stay relevant, it’s important to continue growing and trying out new things!  Are you a brand that straddles between staying true to your history, and chasing after creative content that will engage the […]

Using Good UI/UX To Future-Proof Your Website

by Nicholas Chen, January 20, 2020

What does the future of web design look like? By now you’re probably familiar with designs and layouts like what fitness brand Fitbit uses: Different panels that result in content that is well-organized and easy to navigate.  So what more could designers and developers strive for?  When Microsoft first introduced Flat Design, a user interface design that […]

3 Things You Can Do (that aren’t promos) To Spread The Holiday Cheer

by Nicholas Chen, December 20, 2019

The most wonderful time of the year is approaching again!  And brands should be scrambling now to get their ads, promos and mechanics into place before everyone goes on leave.  It’s also one of the most competitive periods when it comes to marketing and advertising.  You’re likely going to have to pay more to reach […]

Break Through The Social Media Clutter With Pop Culture

by Nicholas Chen, November 26, 2019

It’s harder than ever to reach your consumers’ hearts and minds on social media. Enter “newsjacking,” the practice of gleaning from pop culture references to break through the clutter. Capitalising on cultural trends can have huge payoffs, especially if you strike the nail at the perfect moment. Doing this allows you to ride on the […]

What Do You Do When Your Competitors Have The Same Voice As You

by Nicholas Chen, November 18, 2019

When we pitch for new businesses, something that clients always bring up is how they can stand out from the crowd.  If you think of the ads or social media feeds of these industries, you’ll realise that a lot of the content is quite indistinguishable from brand to brand besides the colours and logos. Everyone […]