YouTube Bumper Ads

May 03, 2016


Are you ready? You have 6 seconds.

New ad formats are introduced periodically by Google to adapt to changes in its user habits. This remarkable effort improves the user experience, and unlocks new potential in creative digital marketing.

Their latest ad format, however, may be one of the most challenging ever.

Google recently announced the new Bumper ads – a new 6-second video format, sold through the AdWords auction on a CPM basis.

You read right, six whole seconds.

YouTube’s TrueView In-Stream advertisers try to make the first 5 seconds of their video captivating, buying more time to bring across a message to its audience. That luxury is not an option with Bumpers.

Less is more

That’s not a bad thing in my opinion. In fact, it’s quite brilliant. The “fun-sized” Bumpers drive incremental reach and frequency. It works more effectively with TrueView ads because longer video ads can be served to your audience first, and a “compressed” version can be re-marketed to them with Bumpers, or vice-versa. Early tests by Google saw a strong lift in brand recall, awareness and consideration.

With more people turning to their mobile device first to watch video, Bumpers are great to reach your audience without annoying them with long non-skippable video ads.

Curious how a 6-second video can impress? Check out this video.

Bumpers start from May 2016.


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