4 Mind-Blowing Facts About Video Marketing

4 Mind-Blowing Facts About Video Marketing

From traditional television to YouTube, Snapchat, Facebook Watch and even TikTok, it’s no surprise that videos are a staple in our everyday lives and it’s got us hooked.

As consumers, we love videos because of how much easier it is to consume content that is both entertaining and engaging. However, for the everyday marketer, they could mean so much more. Let’s take a look at why.

1. Facebook is going to be all video and no text in 2021

What started out as a site for staying updated with the lives of friends and family has seen its shift across this one and a half decades, adding on services beyond its social networking platform, like Facebook Watch, which offers both short-form and long-form entertainment to audiences.

As of June 2019, the social media conglomerate reported that 140 million people make use of the service on the daily, spending an average of 26 minutes watching videos each day.

A Facebook executive also predicts that the platform will eventually be all video and no text in 2021, which looms right around the corner.

It’s evident that video content has been pushed to the forefront of digital marketing and will continue to take centre stage for the next few years.

With 93% of marketers already making use of the tool for content creation, we don’t want to have to be playing catch up later on.

2. Video is expected to make up 82% of internet traffic by 2021

Evidently, videos tell better stories than text, leveraging both visuals and audio to create a more compelling sensorial experience for capturing audiences’ attention.

We’re well aware that attention spans in this day and age have been pruned to that of goldfishes, meaning that the shorter the video is, the higher the likelihood of viewers watching the whole thing.

Users may also need time to orientate themselves to make sense of what is going on when first introduced to your video.

So beyond capturing attention, what we want to do is deliver a memorable storytelling experience. The importance here lies in having a video concept and message that grips your audience by the eyeballs to deliver impact despite the tight format.

Some campaigns may work better with shorter videos – 6 seconds or less.

A video so short that people don’t even have the time to skip it. For these, what helps is a laser-sharp message that viewers can take away with ease. Remove the friction for customers and increase their likelihood of staying.

While the answers to a great video cannot be found in a copy-and-paste mould, some things to consider could be the focus on a single product, or a shortened version of an existing ad that acts as a springboard for the longer promotion.

Look for simple concepts and visual impact.

Undoubtedly, what people are also great at doing, is to feel.

Brand preference is also very much an emotional experience and establishing an emotional connection with your audience would definitely increase the likelihood of them engaging with your video.

Depending on the objective of your campaign, longer videos can also be effective in driving audience engagement with the opportunity to form more meaningful connections and leave viewers with a story that showcases the humanity in your brand.

This particular video, while 6 minutes long, tugs at the heartstrings and keeps users engaged with every scene contributing to the overall plot. It weaves the message of water conservation and theme of kinship beautifully, and was a timely publication during the festive season of Hari Raya too. A very nice touch.

However, it’s also important to know where your audiences are.

3. 75% of all video plays are on mobile devices

The shift to mobile is very much unavoidable.

Inevitably, brands will also have to make the adjustment and this means optimising videos for mobile view to effectively capture their audience’s eye and to retain attention.

We particularly love this short video by Starburst, whose brilliant play on vertical videos takes the cake by visually making its message known within seconds.

Of course, not all video ads have to be this witty in order to be effective. And beyond the consideration of whether to go vertical or not, your video can look to these three types of experiences when looking for inspiration on types of videos to create: 1) short and easy to consume, 2) interactive, and 3) immersive.

What makes videos on mobile so effective is how accessible it is and what keeps them coming back for more is how you keep them engaged.

Mobile video marketing is a tremendous opportunity to leverage for creating content and deriving impact.

This also leads us to our next point, that

4. 92% of users watching video on mobile will share it with others

With “viral” being a buzzword that clients often throw out, we know that the shareability of videos is something that comes to mind when planning for our strategies.

Getting people to want to share your video would come from content that is entertaining, compelling or relatable. Appeal to their conscience, interests, or deepest emotions and you’ll find yourself getting the shares you want. However, it is important to keep in mind not to deviate from your intended message as well.

Earned media from promotional content definitely counts as a win for us, but it’s important to do it well and have your video content shared for the right reasons too.

Video content is not the future of marketing, it is what is taking over our feeds and timelines right now, at this very moment. It’s a great time to begin creating meaningful videos and getting them on the right platforms, in front of the right people.

Keep in mind to make your message clear. And lastly, execute your flawless finish with a clear call to action.

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Yukie Miyazaki

With a keen interest in visual communication, Yukie believes in weaving strategies and narratives together to create special experiences for people. She spends most of her time producing social media content with Clickr, and she hopes to be able to dip her toes into other creative mediums in the future. Outside of work, she also enjoys illustrating and animating to bring bizarre ideas to life.