My Super Exciting 6-Month Internship @ Clickr!

My Super Exciting 6-Month Internship @ Clickr!

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In June 2016, I had a 6-month internship at Clickr as a Social Media Executive.

My primary role was to manage the social media accounts of various brands. This means I have to schedule posts and attend to any incoming messages or comments. On top of that, I compiled statistics data for reporting and blast EDM (e-mail direct marketing) campaigns on a monthly basis. I was taught how to analyse some of the common KPIs (key performance indicators) and learned how to draw actionable insights from it.

Being a student, I am no stranger to writing essays and reports for projects. When I first thought about copywriting for social media posts, I thought it would be easy because the length of writing is so much shorter. In fact, it can be even more difficult as I was often restricted to short copies to deliver an impactful message. I had to really think about the weight and purpose of every word and agonized over single lines for hours trying to perfect it. However,  I saw it as an exercise in creativity and I enjoyed working through these challenges in the end. I liked how interns were treated as a regular full-timer at Clickr and was assigned to do actual tasks. It was rewarding to know that my work had value and that I was doing something that contributed to the company.

I was also fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to attend a couple of meetings to interact with people and learned how to communicate properly in a professional setting. I also involved myself in conversations to find out about the different paths my colleagues had taken to get to where they were. It gave me a better sense of what experience is typically looked for in the industry and the different aspects of marketing that may interest me. By being pro-active in building relationships, I believe this does not only make the overall internship experience more enjoyable but also you will never know when an opportunity might present itself from it.

While Clickr was majorly acquired by a larger group, it still maintained the feel of a smaller company. I was able to reach out to anyone for help easily and there were initiatives that helped build the overall camaraderie of the company. “Clickr FML”, where “FML” stands for food, mingle and learning is a quarterly team building session. Clickr FML usually kicks off with a sharing session, where representatives from each department would share their work, achievements, and upcoming plans. This allowed everyone to gain a better understanding of one another’s work, and to accomplish common goals as a team.

After the sharing session, everyone would engage in a team-building activity, which could be outdoors or indoors. So far, I have participated in bloop soccer, cooking lessons at ToTT and activities on a yacht. The management also encourages everyone to be in the pink of health. Not only is the pantry stocked with a healthy nuts selection, everyone at Clickr gathers to exercise on the last Friday of every month.

There is a work-hard-play-hard culture at Clickr too. I have seen how hardworking my colleagues were, working overtime and how enthusiastic they could be when it came to outings. It was a great feeling to be working alongside passionate people who believes in the company and constantly put in effort in creating a successful workplace. I became more aware that a working environment that inspires me to perform to the best of my abilities is important.

The biggest takeaway would be the friendships I have forged through the internship. From our daily group lunches to the occasional after work hours karaoke sessions, we enjoyed each other’s company thoroughly and built up a really inclusive atmosphere. The people that I saw every day became more than just my colleagues or familiar faces walking around the office, they became my friends. The real communal spirit at Clickr has set the bar high and it would always be something I look out for in my future employment at other companies.

Thanks Clickr, for the unforgettable six months! 🙂

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Vanna Chong

Vanna is currently a marketing student from University of Southampton. Often described as being extroverted and creative, she is always ready to offer a fresh take on things and be willing to take initiatives when she needs to. With a passion for digital marketing, she aims to be part of successful campaigns and build a career out of it.