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Digital Marketing For Christmas

by Geraldine, December 12, 2016

Read about common digital marketing channels used during the festive period and find out if your digital marketing campaign is on the right track.

Websites Are Designed For Humans

by Geraldine, November 30, 2016

Regardless of the electronic device we use, when we visit a website, we want to navigate it easily to find information. Website owners today aim to achieve that to create a good user experience for their visitors because doing so creates great user experiences for visitors, keeping them engaged and interested.

YouTube Bumper Ads

by Geraldine, May 03, 2016

Google is launching their new ad format called Bumper ads in May 2016. Bumper ads are video ads that will not be skippable, and they will last for 6 seconds. Find out more about Bumper ads in this article, and how best to use them.

Facebook Reactions

by Geraldine, March 07, 2016

Facebook recently launched “Facebook Reactions”, and there has been a lot of engagement happening since. People are now able to express their emotions better with a simple click of a button. Find out how you can engage your fans better, and if a “negative reaction” is really a bad thing.

Micro-Moments: Think Small To Win Big

by Joleen Lee, September 16, 2015

Micro-moments are the points of need in consumers’ everyday lives. Finding a location, learning a new skill or purchasing an item all make up little moments when customers need advice or a second opinion. Digital marketing targets such moments to bring out the best of what you have to offer.