3 Inspiring Ads Powered by Consumer Insights

October 16, 2020

As humans, we want nothing more but to be understood and to know that our voices matter. How this can be translated into game-changing advertisements is to make use of consumer insights to elevate the consumer experience with our products.

In listening to our audience, we want to look at how we can create value out of what they’re saying. Let’s take a look at some ad examples driven by consumer-centric insights:


What is it:

A classic, the Nespresso’s What Else Campaign.


Coffee is known for being a necessary perk-me-up all over the world but is also associated with dull days when we drag ourselves out of bed. Not exactly the dream lifestyle that people want. And so, Nespresso displays their product as the solution.


People began to associate the brand with a product that elevates the way they live their lives, rather than simply being something they need to survive. The positive association with the brand and humorous approach makes the ad memorable too and keeps Nespresso top of mind when one thinks of coffee.


Burger King

What is it:

Something a little more recent, this Burger King ad showcases how the brand commits itself to a (almost)  preservative-free fast food menu! With more than 90% of their food ingredients being free from artificial colours, flavours, and preservatives, the brand is certainly making progress in making their food options healthier.


People are becoming increasingly health-conscious and are paying more attention to what goes into the food they consume. Tapping on the memorable controversy from years ago of the 10-year-old Mcdonald’s meal that remained intact without signs of decay, Burger King served The Moldy Whopper.


A dramatic and eye-raising ad that beautifully showcased something people would consider unappealing, stuck the landing in driving the message home. KPI-wise, the ad has seen over 8.4 billion organic impressions to date.

NTUC Fairprice

What is it:

Fairprice’s ‘Fresh Start” campaign, marking Singapore’s Re-opening after the Circuit Breaker.


The circuit breaker meant that people had their worlds confined into the spaces of their homes and being surrounded by only their family. With no choice but to slow down and recalibrate, new lessons were learnt and relationships forged. NTUC turned a positive spin on this to inspire not only hope and resilience during the tough times, but an appreciation for the people that we have to be strong for, but can also rely on at the same time.


A meditative piece reminding Singaporeans to appreciate all that they have, and to retain the values even as the Circuit Breaker eased. Something for every Singaporean to think about, as they move forward in the days to come, with NTUC Fairprice being by their side every step of the way.

Placing your consumers at the centre of your campaigns is a sure-fire way to drive conversions and bring your brand further. It’s also strategic in that you save time and effort by focusing on what the people are already talking about in the first place. It’s a win-win. So start with this, and then look into incorporating it into the message you want to send.


About the Author


Yukie Miyazaki

With a keen interest in visual communication, Yukie believes in weaving strategies and narratives together to create special experiences for people. She spends most of her time producing social media content with Clickr, and she hopes to be able to dip her toes into other creative mediums in the future. Outside of work, she also enjoys illustrating and animating to bring bizarre ideas to life.