Digital Marketing For Christmas

Digital Marketing For Christmas

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Digital Marketing For Christmas

Christmas is an exciting time for digital marketing. People are on a gift-buying frenzy and marketers are aggressively throwing out promotions to get a bigger share of the pie.

Today’s shopping happens everywhere – in stores, on a mobile app, on the web. It also happens all the time, in micro-moments, throughout the day and night. Your digital marketing campaign for Christmas should be all set and launched by now, so let’s see if you’re on the right track.


Search Engine Marketing

You can probably relate to one of my biggest challenges every year – Christmas shopping. As I grow older, my shopping list gets longer, and now I find myself shopping for my friends’ children.

I haven’t a clue on what to get for children, and perhaps you too, so it’s no surprise that so many of us turn to Google for gift ideas.

Source: Google Data, Searches for gift terms, Singapore, Q3 2016

Almost 7 in 10 people are undecided or considering multiple gift options while doing Christmas shopping. That’s a huge opportunity for marketers to convince people to choose their products or services.

If your budget isn’t extravagant, consider advertising on search engines, where the intent to purchase is high. Instead of broad keywords like “gifts for baby”, a higher purchase intent keyword would be “gifts for 1-year-old boy”.


Facebook Marketing

Across Southeast Asia, people are posting 31% more mobile content during the festive season and there are 55% more conversions on Facebook. On home ground, more than half the users in Singapore use Facebook on mobile only. Being mobile-first is essential in a digital marketing campaign.

Source: Facebook Audience Insights

If you are running Facebook ads, ensure your landing page is mobile responsive, because a better user experience increases the conversion rate. When your content loads well on a mobile device, people browse or shop on your website with ease.


Email Marketing

Just this morning, I received an email from my favourite cake shop with a coupon code to enjoy a discount if I ordered a cake before the end of the week. Without hesitation, I made an order for two cakes for Christmas celebrations with my family. Yes, not one but two cakes, because I have a big family (and, well, a big appetite for cakes too).

According to a research from PwC, people in our region still prefer to receive promotional offers in email because it is less intrusive as compared to, say, a text message.

Source: PwC Total Retail 2016 – Southeast Asia & Singapore Highlights

The cost of sending emails is also very low as compared to an average $1/click on online ads in Singapore. Sending emails to your own database will have a higher success rate as compared to a purchased one because your database would include past customers, existing customers, and potential customers who want to be contacted by you.

While email marketing has been around a long time, it is not passé and should be part of your digital marketing campaign.



Remarketing is a great way to remind your audience they’ve expressed interest in your product or service. As many as 96% of people who visit a website leave without making a conversion. With remarketing, they will continue to see your ads on other websites and platforms after they leave your website.

Remarketing has helped some campaigns increase conversions by 10-15%, and even increase revenue by 60%. Remember, your audience will be bombarded with ads during this season, so include remarketing in your digital marketing campaign to stay top of mind.

I’d love to hear your digital marketing plans for Christmas! Drop me an email at and we could discuss if there are improvements to be made before the holiday season is over.

Stay Updated With Digital Marketing News & Trends 

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Nicholas Chen

With a background in the editorial industry, Nicholas has written for some of Singapore’s leading web publications including The Smart Local and Tech in Asia. He now works with Clickr to provide clients with localised social media content solutions and strategies to fulfil business goals. He believes in providing users with high quality and relevant content through data-driven processes to deliver the best results for campaigns.

He believes in providing users with high quality and relevant content through data-driven processes to deliver the best results for campaigns.