Demandbase: Optimizing B2B Marketing

Demandbase: Optimizing B2B Marketing

B2B marketing poses a few organizational challenges that impede its effectiveness. They are mainly financial, productivity, people, process and support challenges. Demandbase is here to solve these issues by streamlining Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) to ensure that businesses achieve their B2B marketing goals. We spoke to Paul Gibson, VP International of Demandbase, who gave us an overview of the organization as well as its role in transforming the B2B marketing landscape.


Redefining the processing and acquisition of CDPs

Firstly, please tell us about your organization. 

Demandbase is a technology and services company that solely works with B2B businesses to efficiently market their products, services, or solutions to specific audiences through highly tailored means. We help focus Sales and Marketing time, budget and resource only on those ICP companies presently in-market, which cuts out waste and delivers more relevant pipelines full of opportunities Sales can, and the business wants to, sell to. We help them move away from a B2C approach which does not achieve their business objectives, and deliver Improving Close Rates, Faster Sales Cycles, higher Average Order Values and Reduced Churn. 


What is your organization’s idea of CDP?

We are an embedded CDP for Sales and Marketing data. The data from CRM and Marketing Automation as well as Intent, encompassing both the known and anonymous buying committees, is consolidated into one place and is seamlessly activated across a number of execution channels including Display Advertising (Demandbase DSP), LinkedIn, Marketing Automation, Google Ads and more.

What are the benefits of the Demandbase CDP?

For starters, our CDP fulfills its basic functions for Predictive Models, Third-party Data Enrichment, Segmentation and Audience Creation, MAS/CRM Activation, and more. In fact, our CDP is a fraction of what we offer.


For untapped audiences, we obtain intent data from multiple sources to create a persona for our client through our powerful intent signals. With these insights, we are able to gauge where buyers are on their journey – which is highly critical to building an effective strategy. 


Demandbase then employs its suite of tools to act on that strategy, which includes highly tailored and targeted advertising. The customer experience is then highly personalized based on the company, industry, size, and region to increase engagement as well as conversion. Additionally, with Natural Language Processing (NLP), the intent data can be collected and processed in any language, as Demandbase supports up to 133 different languages.


All it takes is for us to place a tag on our client’s website. It then gets up and running and we start to see insight and value in as quick as 24 hours. Once implemented, we can potentially see results in as little as 24 hours. 


With audience segments that have been pre-identified, we orchestrate email campaigns through the client’s CRM/ MAS / Sales Enablement. Simultaneously, we are notifying Sales of what their target accounts are doing on and off the website. We then ensure that Sales comes in at the right time with the right message to close faster deals, more often.


In other words, we combine both known and anonymous data to create a 360-degree understanding of who our clients need and should be targeting to achieve their business goals. 


A deeper dive into Demandbase’s distinctive features (ABM)

Which industries or fields are most likely to use Demandbase?

Our technologies are primarily utilized by the Pre and Post Sales and Marketing teams which include MOPs as well as Sales Ops. However, the results we deliver are just as critical to CFOs and CEOs as well. 


For the marketers, we help identify the specific relevant target audiences that would be interested in what our clients have to offer, through our intent signals. Our suite of activation tools then allows our clients to effectively reach, and connect with just their intended audiences. Demandbase’s solutions help people in sales deliver faster sales cycles and improved close rates.


On the Finance side, we take the excess spending out of Sales and Marketing efforts and channel it to only where it truly matters and will bring returns, for increased management. Executives also benefit from Demandbase as we help them deliver revenue-based metrics such as Close Rates, AOV, Churn Rates, and more.


Tell us about the type of organizations you have partnered with. 

We have about 30 official partners that serve our B2B clients across the globe including the United States, Europe and Asia Pacific. 


Who are some of the B2B organizations that have utilized Demandbase’s services?

The B2B clients range across many industries including technology, financial services, manufacturing, and professional services. We work with startups, medium-sized and enterprise companies such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Ericsson, TDK and Salesforce.


How do you sustain success when implementing your services?

The key is in identifying what is important to your business today while retaining the ability to customize the system according to the needs of your business as it evolves. 


Privacy Concerns

In light of GDPR, ITP and other regulations that are becoming tighter, what is Demandbase’s approach to data privacy and security?


It goes without saying that safeguarding data is of utmost importance to Demandbase. Our GDPR and CCPA compliance measures include our SOC2 and ISO27001 certifications which we readily make available to our clients. Outside of North America, data privacy remains a huge concern — which is why our data privacy efforts have to be robust so we can continue to close deals across the world.


Expansion plans

What are your plans for the future? 

In addition to expanding our partner base, we would like to continue helping our clients move away from B2C tactics such as the “spray and pray” approach. This ties back to our mission to help clients identify and reach their prospects which are a perfect fit to what they can offer. 

We believe that the strategic and creative skills of a partner, combined with their existing client relations are crucial to success. Therefore, we intend to organize more joint events and campaigns to ensure that partners and clients can reap the most of what Demandbase has to offer.


With its expertise and expansive suite of products and services, Demandbase is poised to redefine the B2B marketing experience, regardless of which industry their clients are from.


Written By

Nickey Ross