Clickr Media Has Been Acquired by Underworks Japan

Clickr Media Has Been Acquired by Underworks Japan

Underworks Japan, a digital marketing consulting firm with offices in Paris and Tokyo, has acquired a majority stake in Clickr Media Pte. Ltd. 

“We are delighted to be working with Clickr Media, a Singapore-based digital marketing solutions company, to achieve true Marketing Orchestration in the global marketplace,” said Mr. Manabu Tajima, CEO of Underworks, which has handled global projects for major brands like Panasonic, ANA Airlines and BANDAI.

“Through the capital alliance with Clickr Media, we expect to be able to provide a wide range of digital marketing services to a wide range of companies in the APAC market.”

As a subsidiary to the Underworks business, Clickr Media is excited to partner with Underworks to expand its suite of digital marketing services to the global market. 

“In the course of our discussion, it became evident that an Underworks-Clickr union can bring tremendous value to our clients and team. While Clickr has been providing holistic digital marketing services, we were operating on a functional level,” said Mr Derick Ng, CEO of Clickr Media. 

New services that Clickr’s existing and potential clients can now look forward to include building globally compatible websites and formulating web governance, leveraging big data to:

– Build valuable first-party data in a landscape where third-party data is losing its grip

– Unify fragmented data across multiple touchpoints and data silos through an organisation-wide Customer Data Platform (CDP), interpreted into actionable insights for the organisation

– Establish deeper, more accurate customer insights through effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform implementation

– Ensure data privacy legislation-compliant marketing and data collection tactics through a Consent Management Platform

“Coupled with Underworks’ corporate/business level expertise and experience in digital marketing, we can now be part of an end-to-end effort to help companies drive business outcomes with greater effectiveness. We are very excited to bring joint expertise to companies in the region and further deepen the relationship with our clients,” Mr Ng continued.

By leveraging the strengths of both companies, we aim to realise true Marketing Orchestration. To harmonise strategy, policies, systems, data, operations, and organisation of marketing for our clients, through a combination of technologies that transcends borders. This provides our clients with solutions made to address their specific needs and support their integration and utilisation of customer data for personalisation of marketing. 

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Cheak Hong Ian