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3 Inspiring Ads Powered by Consumer Insights

by Yukie Miyazaki, October 16, 2020

What is it: Something a little more recent, this Burger King ad showcases how the brand commits itself to a (almost)  preservative-free fast food menu! With more than 90% of their food ingredients being free from artificial colours, flavours, and preservatives, the brand is certainly making progress in making their food options healthier. Insight: People […]

The Design Trend for a Human Brand

by Yukie Miyazaki, August 24, 2020

Illustrations are more than just a decorative piece for our digital spaces.  With the design trend of hand-drawn illustrations being on the rise, their imperfect and slightly abstract look injects an element of humanity into the visual representation.  As more of our daily lives shift online, brands are making the move too. More attention is […]

Reinventing The Human Connection with Data

by Yukie Miyazaki, August 04, 2020

The nature of marketing has changed drastically over the past decade, moving from simply pushing out a product to the masses, to knowing what your audience wants and being able to establish that human connection.  With the advent of ever-evolving technology, we no longer have an excuse for not knowing what our customers want.  Across […]

Your Essential Tools To Nail Visual Marketing

by Ting Fang Poh, September 27, 2017

Visual marketing is undoubtedly every marketer’s best bet to capture your audience’s attention. Check out this ultimate list of tools for creating captivating visuals for your marketing campaign.

Websites Are Designed For Humans

by dericknwq, November 30, 2016

Regardless of the electronic device we use, when we visit a website, we want to navigate it easily to find information. Website owners today aim to achieve that to create a good user experience for their visitors because doing so creates great user experiences for visitors, keeping them engaged and interested.

YouTube Bumper Ads

by dericknwq, May 03, 2016

Google is launching their new ad format called Bumper ads in May 2016. Bumper ads are video ads that will not be skippable, and they will last for 6 seconds. Find out more about Bumper ads in this article, and how best to use them.