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Zoff, a Japanese eyewear brand wanted to increase brand awareness and brand recall in the eyewear market; at the same time maximising market share in the competitive eyewear industry.


The campaigns ran across various channels targeting consumers in the different stages of the marketing funnel. This helped to build brand awareness and generate interest through the social media platforms.

The social media platforms also helped to drive action for tactical promotions. Consumers with high intent to purchase were targeted through the SEM campaigns to capture interest and drive consideration for Zoff. We branched out beyond just the social channels to target more users in the consideration stage and focused on exposing them to more ad variants to help push them further down the funnel.



Content that fit the brand

Zoff’s brand personality is casual and fun, and this was communicated strongly through the visuals and copy. A combination of captivating graphics and engaging, fun copy was used to resonate with the audience and give them a taste of what the brand is like on social.


Results are derived from a campaign period of 4 months.

increase in overall
click-through rate
improvement in
Cost per Conversion
in website traffic
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