Our passion is in online marketing

We are on a mission to redefine the role of the digital agency with a purpose to provide you with actionable insights on your campaigns. We strongly believe that if you do not measure, you cannot manage.


The difference is really in our approach. We fuse together the power of technology, the reach of digital media and the depth of big data to execute successful campaigns for your brand.

We start by learning about the background of your business and the potential issues faced. We then further discuss to decide on the foci of the campaigns. Together, we define the objectives to achieve.
Having the relevant resources and expertise in house, we will be able to directly support you in your web design and development projects as well as your online marketing campaigns, all in real time.
Analyses on traffic quality, bounce rates, time spent on site, traffic sources, conversion points, etc. allow us to comprehend if the user behaviour on the site, positively affects the campaigns' goals.
Tactical changes on the web pages’ layout, content, ads’ copywriting, banners’ design, keywords, etc. will be made. Repeated experiments carried out in a cycle include measuring, refining and testing.

Our Services

Clickr consults in a wide spectrum of digital marketing services. We value add with a high proficiency in online marketing, extensive campaign experience and past achievements in integrating multifaceted campaigns.

Search Engine Marketing

Actively reach out to your potential customers through pay-per-click advertising on Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Catch your prospects at the right time when they are seeking for the products and services that you offer.

Search Engine Optimisation

Increase visibility and credibility on the organic search results. Promote your site further by delivering referral traffic from other relevant online sources like trade directories, publications, news portals, etc.

Online Display Advertising

Increase mindshare and exposure online via rich media ad formats, videos and interactive web banners. Target your audience on an array of sites, from a wide range of categories, which they visit on a daily basis.

Social Media Marketing

Brand loyalty and customer retention will go a long way. Keep in touch with your fans and interact with them on your social media assets like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Keep that engagement going.

Social Media Monitoring

Detect buyers’ interest, listen to what your prospects have to say, monitor your competitors and pick up sentiment online. Improve your brand by mining useful data on influential websites and top social networks.

Blog Marketing

Have celebrity bloggers endorse your products and services online. Publicise your brand by using advertorials and product reviews or even have your events covered on popular blogs that your target audience visit.

Mobile Marketing

Market your company on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Run location and time sensitive campaigns by continuously extending your promotions to your prospective customers even when they are on the go.

Email Marketing

A traditional yet proven effective, form of direct digital marketing. Manage your subscribers with advanced email delivery tools and tactics. Track the performance of your campaigns with detailed real-time reports.

Online Market Research

Learn more about your target audience and be better prepared for your marketing campaigns. Identify hot trends, research on top traffic sites, profile websites and the surfing patterns of your prospects online.

Web Analytics

Analyse your visitors’ user behaviour and experience on your website. Improve on your lead generation, e-commerce sales and returns of investment by making sense of the useful insights on your digital campaigns.

Web Design

Fulfil your visitors’ needs by providing adequate content and functions on your website. An intuitive yet usable design with good information architecture, copywriting and pleasing aesthetics is always convincing.

Web Development

A building block to your online marketing strategy. Campaign microsites, mobile friendly sites, responsive sites, content management systems, e-commerce platforms and custom social apps for differing business needs.

The Clickrs

The diversity of our people includes talents with media, creative and technology backgrounds. This unique hybrid of individuals makes up Clickr’s driving force.

Be a Clickr

We are always on the lookout for like-minded individuals to be part of our family.

Email hr@clickrmedia.com for openings.