SG Enable Drives Grant Applications with Integrated Marketing

SG Enable Drives Grant Applications with Integrated Marketing


SG Enable is Singapore’s focal agency for disability and inclusion, enabling Persons With Disabilities (PWDs) to live, learn, work, and play in an inclusive society. 

As part of SG Enable’s goal to equip PWDs with opportunities to aspire and achieve their full potential, the organisation puts together a range of initiatives that engages stakeholders, Social Service Agencies, innovators and the community to provide thought leadership, facilitate sustainable social innovation, and spark impactful partnerships.

Each year, SG Enable launches two runs of Enabling Lives Initiative (ELI) Grant Calls which are individually themed to encourage innovative ideas that answer specific identified issues within the PWD and caregiver community – ideas that each Grant Call aims to support and guide into holistic proposals that are suitable for further exploration and Grant funding.

SG Enable’s digital marketing objectives for the ELI Grant Call are typically:

  • To improve public awareness of the SG Enable Grant
  • To collect mailing list sign-ups for forthcoming Grant Calls
  • To collect event sign-ups during Grant Calls
  • To increase the number of users downloading the info kit for further information on the typical Grant Call process and requirements
  • To gather Grant Call submissions

However, some of the key challenges faced by SG Enable were that they did not have a dedicated marketing team, content and ad targeting for each Grant Call varies and differs from the last as the themes change to cover different areas of need and that the mass of Grant Call materials were tough to translate without being too wordy. 

Grant Calls also span a few months, making it challenging to retain marketing traction. The initial landing pages for grant application also yielded poor conversion and retention rates as calls-to-action and next steps were unclear in the User Interface.



To start off, Clickr committed time to walk SG Enable’s team through relevant thinking processes and platform opportunities, requirements, and limitations so as to familiarise them with the marketing landscape and the key considerations in a marketing campaign. With comprehensive proposals and frequent check-ins, we worked closely with them at every step of their way in planning their campaign workflow and planning.

This meant early preparation for each Grant Call campaign to ensure that all content and ad targeting are coordinated early on, especially considering how we are working in a heavily regulated advertising space with the content coverage of social issues. Clickr also created design templates for pre-approval by SG Enable so as to reduce campaign timeline delays in view of likely last minute confirmation of content details.

Clickr also paid close attention to the marketing funnel to create relevant audiences and leverage available targeting (and retargeting) possibilities available across relevant digital marketing platforms – this way, we were able to effectively reach the right audiences with the right messages at each crucial stage of a Grant Call.

Ultimately, Clickr also had to address the landing page issues to facilitate final conversion actions. We noticed that the landing page was essentially an infographic static image – challenging to update and modify dynamically without redesigning the entire page with every update. 

Clickr created a new landing page template with the following outputs in mind: 

  1. It had to facilitate easy updating of new information – especially updated information that had to be released at each stage of a Grant Call
  2. It should be dynamically designed for easy removal of outdated / obsolete content as each Grant Call progresses
  3. Calls-To-Action should be visible and updated / removed as the Grant Call progresses to reflect the key actions that are to be driven

Our new ‘Apply For Grant’ landing page for the ELI Grant’s contained stronger calls-to-action and pre-formatted content sections for easy updating and removal – and we also worked with the SG Enable team to ensure that timely updates to this landing page were made with every milestone in the campaign. 

Clickr also harnessed its graphic design and illustration capabilities to translate wordy Grant Call material into easily-digestible graphics and animations, used on the website, email marketing and on social postings.



Simplifying wordy and complex Grant Call material into easily-digestible graphics

Here is an overview of the work Clickr has done for SG Enable’s past Grant Calls: 


1. Graphic Design & UI Design

2. Email Marketing

3. Social Media Marketing & Advertising (LinkedIn & Facebook)





4. Search Engine Marketing / Pay-per-click Advertising




5. Display Advertising




SG Enable’s Grant Call 5 is now live with the theme Accessibility: A community of the people, by the people, for the people! If you have an idea to improve accessibility for PWDs in the community, do register for their upcoming info-sharing and networking event on 13 April, and apply for the Grant!




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