Improving Performance Of KPMG’s Recruitment Campaigns

Improving Performance Of KPMG’s Recruitment Campaigns


KPMG, a global network of independent professional services firms specialising in Audit, Tax, and Advisory services, partnered Clickr with the objective of enhancing the quality of their recruitment campaigns.

The primary objectives were to improve the Click-Through Rate (CTR) and Cost Per Click (CPC) achieved in the previous year’s Google Search and LinkedIn campaigns. 

Additionally, conflicting search results from the organic listings on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP), returned links to their own PDF documents, thus bypassing the intended user journey of clicking on their sponsored ads. This created missed opportunities on Google Search, including the inability to retarget these users with future ads. Furthermore it negatively impacted the campaign’s quality score when our ads were served.



We implemented a new framework for the Search Campaigns. These revisions allowed for improved organisation as well as enhanced monitoring and optimization capabilities, enabling us to closely track performance and make necessary adjustments.

Firstly, we conducted a thorough analysis of irrelevant search terms from 2021 and 2022 to compile a comprehensive list of negative keywords. By excluding these keywords from our campaigns, we minimised wasteful spending and prioritised driving high-quality traffic. This approach led to significant cost savings and improved the campaigns’ relevance.

To enhance the visibility and appeal of our ads on the Google results page, we incorporated Ad Extensions into our campaigns. These extensions proved to capture users’ attention and engagements at a higher rate compared to standard text ads. Leveraging on existing creative assets from LinkedIn, they were adapted to create visually striking Image Extensions, elevating the performance and visual impact of our ads.

Lastly, we separated Brand and Generic keywords to allow for better control over ad spend, ensuring that we allocated resources effectively based on the campaigns that yielded the best results from our target audience. By having a clear delineation, more control over the media investment and bidding strategy, we had maximised the returns on ad spend.



Significant changes were made based on our learnings from the earlier campaigns. Initially, we targeted audiences based on either their interest in the job function or their skills. However, it was discovered that refining our targeting strategy to include industries, job functions or member skills, with the additional conditions of interests and age, yielded better results.

We also managed the factors influencing the Cost Per Thousand (CPM) Impressions, striking a balance between reach and relevance by conducting comprehensive A/B tests utilising various creatives and compelling call-to-action buttons. Our aim was to eventually achieve higher engagement rates and more favourable CPC results.



Over 6%
of CTR on Search was obtained, and an average CPC was mantained despite bidding for more keywords
decrease in CPC and a 3.5X improvement of CTR on LinkedIn
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