Sitecore Migration For A Leading Telecommunications Company

Sitecore Migration For A Leading Telecommunications Company


A leading Telecommunications company embarked on a journey to transform its global website using the Sitecore Experience Platform. This project was driven by a diverse global team, each bringing unique cultural insights, languages, and expertise. Their collective effort aimed to create a website that would significantly enhance the company’s global presence, navigating through various challenges along the way.


The pressing need for website redesign arose from the company’s rapid international expansion, primarily through mergers and acquisitions (M&A).

Originally stemming from the Data Communications Division of a renowned Japanese telecommunication entity, the client has been assisting clients in their digital transformation endeavours. However, with consistent growth in international operations over the past four years, regional subsidiaries voiced concerns. The existing website did not mirror the image of a forward-thinking, technologically advanced enterprise, lagging behind competitor sites.

Updating the Website Across the Company

Four years had passed since the last website redesign. The digital audience had transitioned predominantly from PCs to mobile devices. While competitors embraced dynamic website designs to convey crucial information, the Telecommunications company’s website remained traditional, necessitating deeper navigation for detailed information. Following a significant acquisition in 2016, the company initiated the website redesign process, starting with the U.S. site, then the global site, and eventually extending to over 20 countries.


Adopting CMS as the Core Foundation for Global Websites

Sitecore Experience Platform as the Chosen CMS

We opted for the Sitecore Experience Platform, leveraging its global platinum partnership and a decade of expertise. Contrary to the norm of outsourcing CMS development, our group companies took charge of this task.

Maximising Internal Resources

The project made the most of the client’s in-house resources, with an international branch of the company developing the website. Since creating websites using a CMS is a key service provided by these international branches, making the website in-house was a way to highlight their skills.

A Truly Global Team

Led by the Japanese Public Relations Department, we managed CMS licensing and foundational IA (Information Architecture), while their Italian division oversaw the UX design. The tech team in India took on the CMS development, making this a collaborative effort spanning Japan, the U.S., Italy, and India.

Empowering Global Project Management

Essential Elements for Success

Three key elements for success:

  1. Valuing team diversity
  2. Fostering a proactive problem-solving mindset
  3. Showcasing adaptability in the face of uncertainties

While rigid project plans are common in Japan, this distinctive project, filled with numerous groundbreaking moments, called for a more agile approach. The team’s resilience and proactive approach to challenges, even in uncharted territories, stood out.

Steering Through the Unknown

Our collaboration with the Corporate Communications team was instrumental in managing a project surrounded by uncertainties. Leveraging our extensive expertise in global digital projects, we opted for a phased strategy. This involved setting transparent milestones and goals, allowing for adjustments along the way, and ultimately leading to a successful project launch.


A Cohesive Team Effort

The U.S. website was launched in 2017, followed by the global and regional sites for Europe and APAC in 2018. Backed by experienced architects and top-tier global partners, each segment displayed its capabilities. The shared goal of “building the website through joint effort” united the team, ensuring seamless progress even when faced with challenges. This collective commitment was instrumental in the project’s success.

Setting the Standard for Global Opportunities

From a business perspective, this initiative inadvertently set a precedent for introducing Sitecore solutions to clients in Japan and other parts of Asia. As the entire organization shifts to the Sitecore Experience Platform after all redesigns, their ambition is to strategically elevate their website by harnessing its cutting-edge features.

Looking ahead, we’re excited about the next phase, aiming to further leverage Sitecore’s capabilities to create an even more outstanding online presence.

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