Privacy Compliance For A Leading Hotel Chain

Privacy Compliance For A Leading Hotel Chain


A Japanese leading hotel chain recognized the growing importance of GDPR compliance for their websites, especially with the surge in online interactions. With our expertise in digital solutions, we were brought on board to navigate the intricate process of aligning the hotel chain’s security measures with global standards.

The Challenge

With the rise of inbound tourism and the urgency to facilitate direct overseas reservations, the hotel chain faced the challenge of GDPR compliance. Their initial efforts were hampered by a lack of clarity on GDPR’s intricacies.

Our Approach

Consultative Collaboration

Upon realising the complexities of GDPR, the hotel chain sought our expertise. Our clear and concise explanations, coupled with our proven track record, made us the ideal partner for this endeavour. We formed a dedicated project team, bringing together experts from various departments, to kickstart the collaboration.

Introducing Ensighten

We recommended the adoption of Ensighten, a leading privacy data governance and security solution. This tool not only aligned with the hotel chain’s security objectives but also ensured a robust path to GDPR compliance.

Unified Privacy Policy

Given the diverse management entities involved, ensuring a consistent privacy policy across all platforms was crucial. Our focus was on maintaining brand integrity and trust, ensuring that all stakeholders were on the same page.


Streamlined Compliance Process

Over two years, we meticulously worked on formulating and implementing privacy and cookie policies across the hotel chain’s websites. Our regular meetings and open communication channels ensured that the project stayed on track.

Building Trust

Our emphasis on a unified approach to security and compliance meant that not just the leading hotel chain, but also its affiliates, could assure customers of their data’s safety. Our in-house briefing sessions played a pivotal role in aligning all stakeholders.


With the impending 2022 revision of the Personal Information Protection Law, our proactive approach ensured that the hotel chain was not just compliant but also ahead of the curve.


Our collaboration with the leading hotel chain underscores our commitment to providing tailored solutions that address immediate challenges while also preparing for future shifts in the digital landscape.

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