Pharmaceutical Company Improving Sales With Predictive AI

Pharmaceutical Company Improving Sales With Predictive AI


A leading multinational pharmaceutical company had began a transformative journey to digitise its sales operations. With the vision to foster better connections with medical professionals, the company moved beyond the traditional product-centric strategies, creating the innovative Customer Data Platform (CDP). This platform is designed to offer tailored digital solutions for physicians and pharmacists, ensuring they receive accurate and pertinent information seamlessly.


The advent of the COVID-19 pandemic drastically altered the business landscape. In-person visits to healthcare professionals became limited, hindering usual methods of providing information. With a diminishing number of medical representatives catering to a growing number of medical professionals, the need for a revolutionary approach was palpable. Compounded by the challenge of scattered internal data, achieving streamlined sales efficiency was indeed a formidable task.


Data Integration using DOMO

Constructed to reshape communication strategies with healthcare professionals, this infrastructure consolidated pivotal sales data sources such as Salesforce, Marketo, owned media, and webinar logs, all under the umbrella of DOMO.

Predictive Modeling with DataRobot

By analysing historical data on physicians’ prescribing behaviour, we developed a predictive model. This model’s unique attribute is its ability to generate prediction scores which are subsequently provided to medical representatives. It continuously adapts and improves based on medical representatives’ feedback, thus increasing prediction accuracy over time.

The Results

As we look ahead, we aim to refine our predictive model further and expand the database for broader applicability across different divisions.

Customised Sales Approach

Integrating diverse data streams allowed medical representatives to customise their approach for every medical professional.

Deep Customer Understanding

Through data consolidation, the organization gained a deeper understanding of user needs, paving the way for more strategic decisions.

Enhanced Sales Efficiency

A remarkable achievement was identifying the healthcare professionals who were most receptive to the insights provided by medical representatives, dramatically enhancing efficiency.

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