Parkway Cancer Centre Achieves Remarkable 128.2% Increase in Organic Traffic within 5 Months

Parkway Cancer Centre Achieves Remarkable 128.2% Increase in Organic Traffic within 5 Months


Parkway Cancer Centre (PCC) is a healthcare provider delivering comprehensive and integrated premier cancer care, with an array of cancer therapies offered by experienced medical physicians, nurses, counsellors, and paramedical experts.


After PCC migrated their website content from WordPress to Sitefinity in 2021, they experienced a drop in website traffic due to changes in Uniform Resource Locator (URL) structures. Despite their best attempts to mitigate the impact, they were nonetheless severely impacted by both the structural changes, along with a slew of Google algorithm updates.


As part of our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) efforts for PCC, Clickr assisted with a sweep of broken link repairs and 301 redirections, along with other technical hygiene fixes to ensure the site was relatively error-free. Content pruning was also carried out, in which poorer-performing pages were eliminated in order for vital pages to rank higher.



Site Optimisation

As PCC had consistently published 4 to 5 articles per month on their health news blog, they had accumulated an overabundance of content, such that a large number of pages remaining on the website were underperforming. 


We reviewed the PCC website’s traffic, worked with PCC to set thresholds for meaningful traffic and pinpointed pages which did not hit these thresholds using a content pruning template from Ahref. Poor-performing pages were then proposed to be eliminated, with the exception of brand pages that added value to branding. Removing these pages helped the site’s better-performing pages rank higher and even leap to Page 1 of Google search results.



Google Search Page Ranking




Based on the articles provided by PCC, Clickr also proposed focused keywords to give the website a better chance of ranking. In-depth keyword research was also conducted using the Google Keyword Planner and Ahref Keywords Explorer to establish the keyword search volumes of identified keywords, together with researching new or unknown keywords – relevant keywords which we do not know of yet that people are searching for on Google.


As Clickr began employing the focused keywords in its SEO efforts, the PCC website started seeing an increase in organic search ranking and corresponding organic search traffic.



Ranking Increase For Focused Keywords

Through Clickr’s SEO efforts, we saw several groups of focused high traffic keywords rise massively in ranking. The following graph charts PCC’s website’s consequent progress in optimising for ‘cancer’ related keywords (e.g. lung cancer Singapore, breast cancer Singapore) to rise to rank among the top 5 organic search results.



We also saw PCC’s ranking for ‘service & treatment’ based keywords (e.g. immunotherapy Singapore, surgical oncology Singapore) rise similarly.





Acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to PCC’s site can enhance PCC’s own Domain Rating. For example, Clickr pursued high-quality and authoritative links like the PCC brand name review on The Smart Local and Specialist Dr. Richard Quek on Specialised Therapeutics.



As seen in the chart below, these efforts culminated in an increase in organic traffic to the PCC’s website.



increase in organic traffic within 5 months
of the top 5 cancers ranked on page 1, exceeding the initial 40% goal
of Service/Treatment keywords ranked on page 1, exceeding the goal of 64%
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