LU Global: Building Brand Awareness & Driving App Installs

LU Global: Building Brand Awareness & Driving App Installs


As a new player in the Southeast Asian Fintech market, LU Global’s objective is to drive installs and registrations on the app through the online channels. As a provider of financial services, it was important for the brand to prove their credibility and build trust with the customers. This proved to be a challenge as the brand was new to the market and many users here are also more familiar with other competitors who have already established a customer pool 


Building brand awareness was a key part of the social channels and media-buying platforms as it was essential to introduce the brand to the market and build credibility through product education. Once the audience was more informed about the brand and its services, it was naturally easier to push them towards conversions.

Both educational and tactical campaigns went on simultaneously. Brand presence was first established through the social media channels where information about the product and services were shared while tactical campaigns which had a stronger messaging to encourage consumers to download and try the app were run on other digital platforms.

Different media buying platforms were tested to see which would be most cost-efficient to the brand and allow it to best reach out to its intended audience.



Building up a new brand

Two branded videos were created to showcase what values the brand stood for, and what the app was capable of doing. This helped to introduce LU Global and its capabilities to a widespread audience efficiently. Viewers of the ads were then retargetted with app installation campaigns once they were acquainted with the brand.

A wealth of channels

The finance audience is a niche one, and the campaigns were set to reach this audience through platforms like Dianomi, Pocketmath & UAC. While these platforms allowed for a more concentrated targeting, content was also being published on Facebook to reach wider audiences.

Mobile-centric Data Analytics

To help shed light on the quality of app downloads, this activity was analysed through AppsFlyer, where information regarding the different stages of app usage was recorded.


The software allowed optimisation of the UAC ads towards certain key actions such as registrations and account opening. This information and optimisation resulted in a more targeted strategy as the stats allowed a zoomed-in view on where users are dropping off, resulting in relevant tweaks to the media buying approach.


Much focus was placed on the Universal App Campaign

to drive downloads and in-app registrations.

Results are derived from a campaign period of 6 months.

improvement in cost-per-install
for Singapore campaigns
improvement in cost-per-registration
for all campaigns
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