Knight Frank Sees a 23% Boost in Quality Leads through Targeted Marketing and Compelling Creatives

Knight Frank Sees a 23% Boost in Quality Leads through Targeted Marketing and Compelling Creatives


Knight Frank Singapore is a leading real estate advisory partnering with esteemed developers around the world to create and manage exquisite property launches to suit the needs and demands of the real estate market. 


With 126 years of market research and a team of over 16,000 professionals managing clients’ multi-million dollar projects, Knight Frank builds upon its celebrated history as a real estate industry leader in consultancy and valuation to provide a full suite of real estate solutions globally.


To attract high-quality leads for international luxury properties in the Singapore market, Clickr took on the task of managing Knight Frank’s property launches for individual real estate projects.


Each property launch campaign is tailored to the needs of the respective property developer and optimised to reach and engage with the specific target audience. Clickr integrates each property’s unique selling points into campaign targeting and media placement selection through, static, carousel, video brand advertisements and search ads. 


Giving careful thought to messaging that caters to each stage of the consumer journey, Clickr has used video ads to raise initial awareness of each project and build a starting pool of audiences. With platform tracking, especially on social media, we then retarget users who have shown interest by watching the video – which narrows the audience targeting for greater messaging effectiveness. 


In the consideration phase, paid search advertising is used to target users with intent. For example, targeting brand keywords of the specific development, search keywords for international property investment, and other relevant initiatives.


Finally, in the conversion phase, lead-generation ad campaigns are implemented (including retargeting methods) to increase conversions via lead forms. To filter high-quality leads from the typical low-intent ones, Clickr implemented short multiple-choice questions as part of the lead forms to eliminate accidental clicks and qualify leads.



Personalised ads

The lead generation ads targeted investors and lifestyle buyers through compelling visuals and copy that highlight the property’s state-of-the-art amenities and facilities, as well as attractive locales and connectedness of each project. 


Based on individual target audience information needs and key concerns, Clickr also utilised differentiated copy angles for each respective target audience group.


For example, Clickr creates copy with a financial angle of forecasted investment returns when conceptualising ads for investor audiences, and conversely words copy with a lifestyle perspective of the retail and transport amenities within the vicinity for audiences who are hunting for a new home.


Citadines Berawa Beach Bali (Bali, Indonesia)





The Whiteley (London, UK)





TRX Residences (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)




quarterly increase in Facebook lead conversion rate
outperformance of LinkedIn real estate industry ad benchmarks
quarterly increase in search ad click-through rate
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