Full-Funnel Marketing for KellyOCG with Targeted Content

Full-Funnel Marketing for KellyOCG with Targeted Content


As a pioneer in the modern staffing industry for over 75 years, KellyOCG® has been blazing new paths in bringing bright businesses and brilliant talent together. Today, over 90% of Fortune 100® companies rely on KellyOCG to solve their most complex talent requirements.

When KellyOCG first approached Clickr, one of their main goals was to sell their Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) GO product – a flexible employment solution that helps with talent sourcing and service procurement. We commenced with some broad branding campaigns for both the brand and the product.



As Clickr ran the campaigns, our observations on the data began to point towards certain issues that were holding back campaign performance – mainly that the campaign landing pages had little engagement and converted poorly as the content lacked sufficient depth. 

We discussed our findings with KellyOCG, which prompted them to produce the Superclient Case Study campaign, which featured some of their top clients in selected regions. The campaign kicked off with generic display campaign ads that teased audiences with case studies of some of KellyOCG’s top clients – to draw clicks to KellyOCG’s landing page by promising more depth.



A slight boost in numbers hinted that we were headed in the right direction. Clickr followed up with recommendations to utilise key information upfront in the content pieces and ads, which led to the Superclient Case Study campaign being relaunched as a video advertising campaign on social media, with extended captions, emphasis on success metrics and stronger calls-to-action, which garnered more traction than the former.



Clickr also had the opportunity to work on KellyOCG’s biggest campaign of the year, the Workforce Agility Report – to drive traffic by teasing audience members across multiple platforms with the valuable insights contained in the whitepaper, and generate leads in exchange for downloads of the whitepaper on a web portal.




Exploring new advertising

As Clickr grew with KellyOCG, our relationship grew to more of a partnership as we introduced them to new advertising formats such as Responsive Search Ads and Performance Max campaigns that would serve their objectives and helped them navigate their adoption of these platforms. 

This set the pace for the exploration of a wider range of ad formats and ad objectives to market more KellyOCG products and events more effectively:



Clickr also added more depth to its campaigns, embarking on funnel-driven campaigns with custom ad audiences, recommending sequenced content by repurposing a long-form video into bite-sized video content, to facilitate relevant messaging in captions, copy and video cut throughout the conversion funnel for KellyOCG’s MSP GO product:



As the digital landscape continuously evolves, businesses are challenged to keep up with changes and adjust their marketing strategy to new platform requirements and formats. 

Let Clickr be your guide in your brand’s digital journey as we navigate this rapidly changing landscape. Get the most out of your digital presence and communicate the appropriate message to the right audience at the right time and place – speak with us today!

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