Encouraging In-Store & Online Conversions For Estee Lauder

Encouraging In-Store & Online Conversions For Estee Lauder


Estee Lauder is no stranger to the already-competitive beauty and cosmetics market here in Singapore. Although a well-known brand both locally and globally, they had a reputation of being more suitable to an older customer pool. With their social media platforms, Estee Lauder wanted to establish a stronger rapport with the younger audience, potentially widening their mix of customers and strengthening their share-of-voice. 


While it was easy to engage fans online, it required a more strategic approach to encourage actual in-store and online conversions. 

As such, campaigns were built around building interest in the brand’s offerings through informative and exciting posts. A mix of global and locally-produced assets were used in the campaigns to further bank on the branding that Estee Lauder has already established while still being relevant to the Singapore market. Support was also given to offline activations; content was created to generate buzz both before and after the event, and co-ordination of live event coverage was done. 

As part of their digital marketing efforts, the brand also launched an e-commerce store and the focus was split between bringing customers to both the online store and also to increase footfall to their physical counters. 



Adopting a video-first approach

The content took on a video-first approach, as this highly visual format could best capture the audience. As a format, videos meant the opportunity for attention-catching visuals that could deliver more messages without being too text-heavy or boring. To support this, product shoots were occasionally conducted and a lot of adaptation was done from their global assets – both of which create room for exclusive content that was catered towards the Singaporean audience. 


    Results are derived from a campaign period of 8 months.

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