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Work together with professionals in the business of online digital marketing and be equipped with the fundamental knowledge to craft a customized strategy tailored to your brand's needs.

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What We Offer:

20 Hours Of Personal Coaching With The Experts

1-on-1 sessions allow you to work closely with our trainers to apply theories 
and concepts learned in class 
to your own business. 

SMEs that are GST registered 
are eligible for subsidies, 
bringing course fees down to $0!

Certificates are awarded upon the completion of each module. 


What I have taken back is the practical and creative approaches to do digital marketing. It is important for us to put the two together. It’s kind of a juxtaposition, of being creative and very practical, and implementing it in a strategic way.


Head (Marketing & Communications)
ClearSK Healthcare Group

Course Breakdown

There are 6 modules in our syllabus. Through these modules, you'll gain useful insights that can help boost your business' online presence. 

Basic Digital Marketing

Explore common digital channels, how to define your target audience, and learn to conceptualize, plan and monitor a basic digital campaign. 

Search Engine Optimisation & Marketing

Discover tried and proven techniques to get your website to the top of Google search results. 

Advanced Digital Marketing

Learn how your content is really performing based on audience behavior with Google Analytics. Craft data-driven strategies and campaigns.

Social Media Marketing

Craft a social media strategy and plan your own campaigns. We will also go through some automation tools you can easily use.

Digital Marketing Implementation

Practice what you'll learn in lectures with custom exercises designed to reflect situations you'll face in your digital marketing career. 

Email & Content Marketing

Find out how content will work for your brand and how to drive business objectives with your own content and email strategies. 

Past Events

Our instructors are experienced with delivering educational and engaging workshops for SMEs of various sizes.


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Is This The One For You?

The course is designed to be simple to digest, so beginners, seasoned marketers, and people with a general interest in digital marketing will be able to grasp essential concepts. If any of the following points sound like you, then you’re
in the right place! 

Are You Playing Catch-up?

See how you can improve your online strategies and get an edge over your competitors. 

Thinking Of Taking Your Business Online?

Understand how digital can help expand your business so you can convince your upper management to go down this route!

Want To Understand What 
Your Agency Does?

Learn more about what your agency does! Gain a holistic view of your digital presence or to figure out if what they are doing really works. 

Interested In Learning About Digital? 

Whether you're just starting out from scratch, or you have already dipped your toes in running campaigns, the course will help you further widen your knowledge. 

Meet The Trainers

Our trainers are qualified professionals who have worked with clients locally and regionally. They are also actively working on campaigns at Clickr Media so you'll always have the latest trends and information. 

Hanyuan Chan

Account Director & Co-founder

Nicholas Chen

Senior Content Strategist

Jeff Shi

Director, Small Business Solutions

Edwin Tan

Campaign Operations Manager

Hanyuan Chan

Account Director 
& Co-founder

Jeff Shi

Small Business Solutions

Nicholas Chen

Content Strategist

Edwin Tan

Campaign Operations Manager

Professional Certification

No Hefty Fees

Why Choose Us?Modules

*Note: At least 3 participants are required from each company for Clickr to run this training programme. Please reach out to us for more information.