Search engine optimisation is an essential long-term strategy for businesses looking to succeed in search engine marketing.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is generally known as a process to improve a website’s ranking in organic search results. A well ranked website gets higher visibility leading to increased search engine traffic at no cost. Think of it like display advertising in traditional marketing except that search engines never accept money for including or ranking websites in organic search results.

Why the Need for SEO?

Search audience is huge and growing

“Almost half of all Internet users now use search engines on a typical day.” – Deborah Fallows, Pew Internet & American Life Project, Aug 2008

Search engine usage has been steadily rising with users searching for products, services, information and virtually everything. You may be surprised that many users don’t remember website addresses, but search for brand names hoping to find the correct website.

Research by Pew Internet & American Life Project on daily Internet activities

Research by Pew Internet & American Life Project on daily Internet activities

The best way to target large amount of keywords

“20% of the queries Google receives each day are ones we haven’t seen in at least 90 days.” – Amanda Kelly, Google, Nov 2008

Every user searches differently which makes it difficult to target many variations of a key phrase or word with paid search. Targeting with a generic keyword with paid search will expend your budget quickly if it generates high search volume. A well search engine optimised website has a good chance of getting organic search engine traffic from keywords you would never have thought of!

More than 84% of clicks on search results pages are on organic results

“We noted that slightly less than 16% of clicks were on sponsored links.” – B.J. Jansen and A. Spink, International Journal of Internet Marketing and Advertising 2009 Vol. 5 No. 1/2

We don’t wish to lie. There will always be a group of users who shun ads, trust and prefer organic search results. If you think we are shooting ourselves in the foot, I urge you to understand more about the other side of the story on what paid search can do for you.

Eye tracking study showing eye activity on Google Search

Eye tracking study showing eye activity on Google Search

Long-term sustainable search engine traffic for free

Well, almost. With paid search, search engine traffic to your website is determined by the budget you have and drops once you decide to stop spending. SEO, on the other hand, gives you all the search engine traffic you deserve without paying for more. While it is true that proper maintenance is required to keep your website search engine optimised, your traffic will unlikely drop sharply even without it.

What Can Clickr Media Do for You?

Search engine friendly website

Unlike humans, search engines “browse” your website differently. Non-text content like images and Flash are rarely useful for search engines to understand your website. Links to web pages that a human can access may not be accessible to search engines. We can help by revamping your website to make it understandable to search engines, thus improving on your search rankings.

Keyword research and analysis

Users query search engines by entering key phrases or words which in turn translate to search results with web pages that are most relevant. We can provide research on the value of each key phrases and words that are relevant to your business, giving you analysis of market insights and trends.

Content development

Search engines are primarily built for information retrieval and users use them in hope of getting results containing relevant information. One of the key reasons for a web page to qualify as a result will be having content matching key phrases and words used in a search query. By developing more content, the chances of your web pages being relevant to what users are searching for are higher, thereby qualifying as results. Good content in turn increase traffic and possibly links to your website.

Link building

Just like how we vote for contestants in the real world, search engines determine the importance and popularity of a website and its web pages by analysing links pointing to them. However, rather than a simple count of links, search engines understand the quality or relevance of a link and the exact factors are never disclosed. Good links are considered a vote of higher authority than one that is not. Links from websites will also bring in good amount of referral traffic.

What’s Next?

The early bird catches the worm. Reputation of a brand takes time to build and the same goes for a website’s authority, relevance and trust in the eyes of search engines. We believe that by starting early on SEO, you stand a better chance against competitors who have yet to catch on.

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