Its been a while huh? :)

The Clickr team has been busy, both in handling all our current work as well as in building and expanding our team. With all of that going on, our blog has been all quiet and alone in the past months.

To get back in the blogging action, here’s our weekly posting of Friday Favorites, where we check out the news and articles in the past week and highlight the interesting ones which we would like to share with everyone.

Email Marketing – Best Practices

Preparing for email marketing campaigns? Here’s some useful tips to keep in mind.

Mozilla celebrates Firefox 4 – with real firefox cubs!

Cuteness overload.

Everything you need to know about Google +1

Short and sweet Q&As on your questions about Google +1. Will this be a game changer for search engine optimisation and advertising? Only time will tell.

Singapore gets iPad 2 in April

Probably the hottest topic going around in our Clickr office at the moment. Are you planning to get one?

Stay tuned every Friday for more Weekly Favorites to start your weekend.

Cheers and TGIF!