How’s everyone feeling this week? Its been a exciting week at Clickr, with pool gaming and delicious Philippines food. We also spent time discussing on important topics such as, “Which Smart Cover color would you be getting?”

Yeah. I can't decide either.

In between debates on which iPad and cover to get, here’s our following favorites of the week:

No tweets at #RoyalWedding

Sure, it’s the grandest wedding held, however tweets won’t be allowed during the wedding itself, for the sake of security. What do you think, would you want to have guess tweeting about your wedding?

Could Apple be launching an iCloud?

Apple fans would salivate at this, having all your music available and online anytime, anywhere.

Delicious get bought over by YouTube

There’s something simple and “old-school” about Delicious, fortunately there’s life left in it after Yahoo! decided to give it up. Looking forward to see how this works out!

That’s all for the week. Have a good one and here’s looking forward to a new month ahead! :)