Happy Good Friday everyone! I love 4-day work week! Well, who doesn’t anyway? :D

All of us have been working (and eating) hard in our cozy (and chilly) office plus, at the same time, making it a point to get down to some physical workouts and sweating it out during our weekly run. What better way to keep the team spirit up than to work and play hard together.

Run, Clickr, Run!

Let’s take it easy this long weekend and take a look at our favourites of the week:

Facebook Celebrates One Year of the Like Button

Say “Happy Birthday” to Facebook’s Like button for turning one!

The Future of Geolocation: What is Coming?

As geolocation is slowly taking the center stage and evolving in the mobile arena since Foursquare, what does it take to keep users interested and continue checking in?

Facebook Questions: Is it Just a Senseless Census?

Is Facebook Questions making enough $ense as a tool for brands and business?

iPhone 5 in the Wild?

While some of us here are waiting for the arrival of iPad 2 in Singapore, rumour has it that iPhone 5 may already be in the hands of developers after words of it to be shipping in Septmenber. We shall see.

Damn You Auto Correct!

Have you ever encountered embarrassing moments when your iPhone’s auto-correction decides to substitute your word for another, making the point you wanted to get across totally out? Check out this website for a good laugh at some of the funniest auto-correction blunders!

Have a goodie-good weekend and Happy Easter Day in advance!