Email marketing is a promotional activity that strategically promotes your products, services or promotions through electronic massages or emails. Usually people see email campaigns as a tool to sell a product or service. However, looking at it on a bigger picture, we don’t see it as a tool to sell, but a tool to build and attract – by building your brand and attracting your potential customers.

First of all, a simple email campaign is always equipped with social media elements, such as Facebook and twitter.

Such incorporation is intelligently installed for the convenience of our recipients for just 2 purposes:

  • Increasing the brand exposure to people who are unaware of it.
  • Increasing the conversation rate.

The incorporation of social media elements within the eDMs is brilliant to start with as its function is to bring your campaign out of the box and out of the your email. With the help of Facebook and Twitter, email marketing can just be as evolutionary with the help of social media platform.

Try playing around with your creativity. In fact email marketing is like a door-to-door salesman. Results produced with every knock he has made and every unit he has visited. In the process, they make a point to build relationships with their clients and that comes in a package of reputation and credibility earned.

This is the recipe to brand building. On the long run, they created an impression, and a presence, which will eventually be seen as cost-effective benefits. However, it might still be mystery to some if such efforts can be translated into results in real life.

Campaigns getting siphoned from inboxes into spam folders, blacklisted, or blocked for certain reasons. Ultimately, do we still see a point in putting faith on email marketing?

My answer is YES. Chances differ from time to time, but let’s say email marketing do have the proficiency to grow a brand into something big. Here is where the power of social media comes in.  One ‘Liked’ at YouTube or even one fan in Facebook can work just as well as bee pollination. One dispersed seed will eventually grow into a flower. Another bee came along for pollination and the cycle repeats. As we witness the flowers blooming in process, we will see smiles lighting up on the faces of our clients and marketers because we see this as an opportunity to higher conversation rate. Higher chances of exposing your campaigns to new faces are equivalent to higher probabilities of growing your brand bigger and louder.

Even without the ‘likes’ and the fans, we can still judge success through open rates and click-through rates. On a long run, will your name make an impression to your target audience? I wouldn’t say a ‘loud’ impression, but YES, they will remember you. That is the first step to embark when it comes to brand building.

Now that you know more about email marketing and how its done, why not try it out to see how it can work for you? Feel free to contact us if you wish to try it out!