Weekly Favorites – 9 September 2011

Hi, Clickr friends, welcome to another exciting Friday, where we await the weekend to start. One interesting thing to share about the Clickr team – every friday is casual friday. Granted, we are a casual bunch (jeans everyday!), but on Fridays, we welcome in the weekend by wearing any attire that makes us comfortable – shorts and sandals are a big favorite!

In the meantime, here’s a list of some interesting links and stories we have encountered over this week.

The Top Five Social Media Mistakes

These top five social media mistakes are evidently true, especially for those whom are started out doing social media marketing for your company. Learnt to avoid them and it will keep you going in the long run.

6 Tips to Keep Blog Visitors On Your Site

Have you ever find it hard to get readers to frequently visit your blog? These 6 tips not only will enhance and increase your blog’s readership, it would also improve on your blog’s image too. Check it out!

Screen and Street Appeal: Building a Business to Thrive Online and Offline

This article serves as a guide while crafting a storyboard for your website. This is especially important when you would like to communicate consistency to your client about what products and services you are offering.

Who Does Facebook Think You Are Searching For?

Have you wondered if facebook is able to come out with a list of your friends whom you’ve been constantly searching for? This concise article will show you how Facebook does it. Try out the experiment on the page, the results may surprise you!

Facebook Search Listing



Have a good day ahead :)

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Weekly Favorites – 29 July 2011

Its the last friday to go for the week, and for the month of July as well! Hope everyone’s having a good time and ready to start their weekend!

At Clickr Media, this July has been a significant month, with 2 more new faces joining us. More help is still needed though, feel free to check out our career page for the latest job positions available. If you would like to apply for our positions available, drop us a email to contact us!

In the meantime, while working during the week, the following are some of the articles which caught our attention:


5 Tips for Selecting PPC Keywords

When creating a pay per click search campaign, its good to take note that keyword generation is not just about selecting keywords that “feel right”.

Macbook Air Review (Mid 2011)

If there’s one thing the folks in the Clickr team love, its Macs, in all shapes and sizes. Here’s a review of Apple’s refreshed Macbook Air.

Why Google+ Isn’t Competing With Facebook

Everyone assume’s that Google is bent to taking Facebook head-on with their Google+ social network. However, this article provides an interesting perspective to it.

10 Technologies That Would Change The World In The Next 10 Years

Technology is moving so fast, some tech which existed 10 years ago are close to obsolete today. What does the future hold?

That’s all for this week, have a good weekend ahead! :)





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Weekly Favorites – 29 April 2011

How’s everyone feeling this week? Its been a exciting week at Clickr, with pool gaming and delicious Philippines food. We also spent time discussing on important topics such as, “Which Smart Cover color would you be getting?”

Yeah. I can't decide either.

In between debates on which iPad and cover to get, here’s our following favorites of the week:

No tweets at #RoyalWedding

Sure, it’s the grandest wedding held, however tweets won’t be allowed during the wedding itself, for the sake of security. What do you think, would you want to have guess tweeting about your wedding?

Could Apple be launching an iCloud?

Apple fans would salivate at this, having all your music available and online anytime, anywhere.

Delicious get bought over by YouTube

There’s something simple and “old-school” about Delicious, fortunately there’s life left in it after Yahoo! decided to give it up. Looking forward to see how this works out!

That’s all for the week. Have a good one and here’s looking forward to a new month ahead! :)

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Weekly Favorites – 8 April 2011

It’s a nice breezy Friday, hope its been an interesting week for everyone!

Over at Clickr, its been a week of various highlights. A pair of new Macbook Airs in office (lucky!), an insightful digital marketing conference attended (thanks AsiaOne!), and some office shifting plans in store. Stay tuned to the Clickr Blog to find out more of these events!

In the meantime, here are some of our favorites of the week:

Google +1: What Does it Mean for Search Marketing?

With higher social cues come higher click-through rate (CTR)?

Google +1: Death of Facebook Like?

Jumping onto the social bandwagon, will Google +1 take over Facebook Likes?

The Difference Between Web Reporting and Web Analysis

I believe you’d see nothing short of tables, rows, pie charts, statistics and loads of words in your campaign reports. Find out what differentiates web analysis report from web reporting.

Collecting Facebook Fans is No Longer Enough

Harness the value of your social media fans or risk being left behind in this rat race.

Lucky 13: A Macbook Air Review

A review on why the 13-inch model seemed like a better compromise between size and speed of all the Macs.

Have a good weekend everyone!

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Weekly Favorites – Back! 1 April 2011

Its been a while huh? :)

The Clickr team has been busy, both in handling all our current work as well as in building and expanding our team. With all of that going on, our blog has been all quiet and alone in the past months.

To get back in the blogging action, here’s our weekly posting of Friday Favorites, where we check out the news and articles in the past week and highlight the interesting ones which we would like to share with everyone.

Email Marketing – Best Practices

Preparing for email marketing campaigns? Here’s some useful tips to keep in mind.

Mozilla celebrates Firefox 4 – with real firefox cubs!

Cuteness overload.

Everything you need to know about Google +1

Short and sweet Q&As on your questions about Google +1. Will this be a game changer for search engine optimisation and advertising? Only time will tell.

Singapore gets iPad 2 in April

Probably the hottest topic going around in our Clickr office at the moment. Are you planning to get one?

Stay tuned every Friday for more Weekly Favorites to start your weekend.

Cheers and TGIF!

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Weekly Favourites for 9 Oct 2009

Welcome to the first edition of Clickr Media’s Weekly Favourites where we will be consolidating some of our favourite articles, blog posts and news on our radar by Friday every week. This should help you do some catch-up with your spare time during the weekends!

7 Ways Of Handling 404 Error Messages

Anil Batra went 1 step further to show how some websites are handling their 404s after showing how you can track then with Google Analytics. Do make it a point to track and handle/fix all broken links on your website for both visitors experience and SEO purposes.

Drew Carey Raises Bid to $1 Million for @Drew on Twitter

OK, to be honest, I don’t know who this Drew Carey guy is. But by following @DrewFromTV before 9 Nov 2009, you’ll “make him” donate an extra US$1 and why not. *evil laughter*

SEOmoz’s Guide to Social Media Marketing

With social media marketing hot on the wheels, it does help to see what are your options. Then again, it depends on which side of the globe your business operates. SEOmoz also included extra information like each network’s primary value, community size, mozRank and mozTrust.

Microsoft’s Insane New Multi-Touch Mice Demoed on Video

It is definitely cool to see where Microsoft is bringing us to with mice but is it ergonomic enough?

Yahoo Search No Longer Uses Meta Keywords Tag

We have never bothered with meta keywords and now this just further assures that no one cares. Well, at least not the major search engines like Google, Yahoo! or Bing.

GeoCities to Close This Month

GeoCities is dead. Long live GeoCities! Still on GeoCities? We can definitely help.

P.S. This is the first edition so please be lenient on us and we know there is definitely room for improvement. :)