Many people join franchises is because they have a proven system, which allows individuals to take part in a proven business. Furthermore, it is less risky to join a franchise system as there are slightly lesser risks involved compared to a new business venture.

Not only will franchisees receive training from the franchisors on business operations, they would also gain marketing benefits when there are nationwide marketing campaigns provided by the franchisors. Marketing campaigns will include advertising, sales promotion, public relations and branding of the franchise business.

Besides traditional marketing campaigns, franchises can also leverage on social media as an additional platform for their A&P campaigns. Here are some ways to do so!

1) Decrease cost by substituting print coupons with e-coupons

This will seek to eliminate the cost of printing coupons and vouchers. Furthermore, when users use e-coupons, it can be spread virally to their friends and family members. This promotion can also be easily communicated through the use of smartphones. This will help businesses to gain more conversions which were spread by users, when they were to share it with their friends on social media. One good example is McDonald’s, where Facebook and other social media tools were used to spread their “one for one” promotions.

2) Nationwide Advertising
This form of advertisement through the social media offers a great value. This is because it is an inexpensive way of advertising instead of the traditional advertising channels such as newspaper and magazine advertising. This will be especially effective when your fans share the information that was posted. This will certainly benefit franchisees in their business, as they are part of the same franchise brand.

3) Increase public relations
Using social media will allow the franchise business to strengthen the image of the company as they are able to highlight on reviews and articles by independent organizations as well as individual users. This will benefit not just the franchise business but also the franchisees, as they will be able to increase more sales through the wider spread of benefits from the A&P.

Therefore, through social media, it would not only increase the overall franchise’s brand name, it would also have a larger impact on the franchisee’s individual businesses.

If you would like to find out more about how social media can help your business, feel free to speak to us to find out how we would be able to help :)